Elise Grosse

Head of Sustainability at Sweco Sweden, Real Estate and Construction, Sweco Sweden AB

Elise is an architect, building biologist IBN and industrial doctorate in multi-disciplinary co-creation at KTH Real estate & Construction. As head of sustainability at Sweco Sweden, Real estate & Construction, she monitors external trends and is a strategic advisor for how clients can create synergies between their businesses and sustainability criteria.  With practice-based action research her aim is to improve collaborative methods for a more sustainable society and her focus is to improve groups’ ability to solve problems together and co-create a better world. Together with clients and Sweco´s diverse multi-disciplinary expertise she develops new business propositions, concepts, methods, and tools for – transforming society together. She has a special interest in how digitalization can accelerate sustainability in the built environment with positive societal effects. In her research she uses digital support systems that can enhance co-creation processes at meetings. Elise is an experienced and enthusiastic moderator and facilitates collaborative processes!