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Breakfast is served at the Piazza

Opening words by Jarno Tuimala, Managing Director of Kiinko Real Estate Education.
Moderator Maija Lehmusvirta.

We do not operate in an isolated environment as both economical currents and political events affect the way we do our business. Professon Ian Goldin will kick of the programme with an overview of the world economics and politics as a background.

Enjoy coffee at the Piazza. Or tea. Or both.

The regulation impacting the real estate market comes both from the outside adn the inside. Let's look at the changes that are happening rigth now and hear how those changes are predicted to effect the real estate business.

Let's have lunch at the Restaurant Fuuga in the 2nd floor. Coffee is served at the Piazza.

Environmental responsibility is more and more becoming a business as any other. Session in Finnish.

Enjoy your afternoon coffee at the Piazza. Don't worry, there'll be tea as well. And pulla, the traditional Finnish companion to the coffee.

Certificates and awards.

Welcome to enjoy the hospitality of Piazza hosts before dinner.

Dinner at Restaurant Fuuga.

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